How do I label socks?

How do I label socks?

12th Nov 2013

We often get asked this very important question as socks are an item in everyone’s wardrobe! With Name It Labels iron on clothing labels you will be able to label all types of socks including woollen socks, cotton sports socks, polyester dress socks, school socks etc.

Don’t waste time by trying to use a laundry pen or marker – these just won’t do the job long term and often fade. Many socks are actually black as well, so trying to write on them with a black pen won’t show up at all. And there are usually no extra tags or washing instructions on socks to write on either.

Socks in rest homes and also school socks are usually the most common to need proper and clear labeling. Both places are usually were socks are lost the most, either through the laundry services or merely by taking shoes and socks off to play or for activities.

Here are our tips and tricks when it comes to labeling your socks successfully with our unique Name It Labels iron on clothing labels.

Firstly, always remember - if you think the sock material will not take a direct iron, then use a thin hanky/cloth over the label and the sock.

And secondly, remember you can always go over it a couple of times with your iron and check that it has adhered, or simply increase your heat and iron over the top again.

If labeling short socks, like a sports sock or ankle sock - then place the label lengthwise on the bottom of the sock so it runs from toe to heel under the arch. This is the part of the foot with the least amount of rubbing and we find our labels will adhere and last the longest if applied here.

If labeling longer socks, like a knee high school socks that folds down at the top, then an alternative to putting the label on the bottom is to put it up the top on the outside of the sock so when the sock is folded down the label sits underneath the fold. Again this position means the label doesn’t get rubbed when walking.

Both places are also good for when doing the laundry as the sock label is placed on the outside of the sock so it is clear and visible to see when sorting through the washing.