How long will my order take to be delivered?
We are printing and processing orders all day, Monday to Friday and we believe we are one of the fastest companies out there to get labels done. As these products are custom made though, they do require a little more time as each name is individually checked by a real person, to make sure it looks the best before it is printed and then checked again afterwards for quality. Most orders will be printed, packed and ready to be sent in 2-3 days after payment is made.
The only exception to this is our lovely, quality woven sew on labels which require a 3 step process on the beautiful old fashioned looms. So please be patient and allow a week to 10 days for these labels to be made.   

How do I pay for my order with Name It Labels?
We therefore offer 2 different methods to complete the payment on your order.

•    Secure online Credit Card payment with Visa or Mastercard
•    Paypal, which accepts American Express and Diners Cards

How do I know if my order has been received by Name It Labels?
After placing your order you will get an email confirmation which will outline your order details and shipping information. It’s always a good idea to check this email to make sure all the information you sent us is correct. Once your order has been fulfilled we will email you an update to let you know it is being shipped and will arrive shortly afterwards.

How do you deliver an order?
We use USPS to send out your order so it will come straight to your letterbox thanks to your local postperson. This means you don’t have to wait around for a courier or worry it might arrive while you are out.
We pack our labels so they fit in a regular sized envelope and include an invoice and one of our lovely brochures.

Do your Iron-On Clothing Labels really stick?
YES! We guarantee it. We believe we are the specialist when it comes to iron on clothing labels and we invest heavily in the right print machines and the correct tape for this purpose of labelling.

Our unique iron on clothing labels, require no transfer paper to apply them. You iron directly onto the label so the heat activates the glue on the back of the label in order for it to adhere onto the clothing. We regularly test batches of our material with nursing homes and boarding schools that use commercial grade washing machines and dryers to make sure they always work. As parents ourselves, we have also regularly tested our products with our own children with their school uniforms!

We are very proud of our iron on clothing product and believe you will be very happy with it as well.
We have received wonderful feedback for over 15 years now from many happy customers!

Should I get the FULL name printed or just the SURNAME?
This is up to you. We are happy to print whatever you would like. Sometimes the best thing is to include all the information you need on your label or sticker and send it to us with the order and ask us to review it before printing.
We are happy to offer any suggestions for the layout if we think the wording might be too long. Usually it is OK though. We think it’s nice to have a person’s full name printed on the labels as it makes it more personal and easier to identify if an item goes missing.

If you are thinking of getting just a surname because then all your children can share the labels, then this is no problem with us. (Some companies won’t let you just print a surname!). Remember we do also offer a family bulk saving, so if you did want to get different label packs for each child, then you can save up to 25% off the total of the order which might make it worthwhile. Or check out our Value Pack – this offers a 40% saving and is really popular for school aged children or residents entering a nursing home where all items must be labelled including shoes and personal belongings.

What type of Sew- On Labels do you sell?
We sell two different types of sew on labels. One is a polyester printed sew on label and the other is the more traditional embroidered woven label. Here are some pro’s and con’s for both:

Polyester Sew on Labels
•    Printed labels so generally easier to read (print can be more BOLD)
•    Better if you are using a sewing machine (bit hard to hand sew)
•    Smaller quantity available, starting at a 20 pack for only $17
•    Can print 2 lines and all types of symbols, letters, characters

Woven Sew On Labels
•    The NAME and label is embroidered using a traditional loom
•    Can only be done in CAPITAL letters. No symbols or characters
•    Minimum quantity is 50 labels for $45
•    Different coloured text available against the white background
•    Easier to hand sew and lovely soft cotton feel

What happens to my name and address if I order with you on the internet?
We guarantee we will not pass on your details to any other company, for any other purpose.