Full name or just the last name printed for my label?

Full name or just the last name printed for my label?

12th Nov 2013

This is a question we often get asked, so hopefully the information here can provide some guidance.

We find people are more inclined to get just the last name printed on a label as they are worried the full name might take up too much room.

We don’t have any set rules and the decision is up to you as we will print whatever you request for your Name It Labels.

However if we do get asked then we usually say it is nicer and more personal to have the full name printed. Having the full name does not make any difference to how long the label is and only slightly changes the font size but we usually find we can fit most first and last names easily on all our labels with the font still being bold and easy to read. All our labels are checked by a real person before they are printed to make sure the layout will suit your name and details. It’s part of our quality control.

It’s more common these days to use people’s first names both formally and in conversation, especially at schools and rest homes. So having more information on the label allows lost or misplaced items to be returned quicker and more often to their rightful owner.

Other variations include having a person’s initial printed and then the last name or having a nickname printed in brackets after the more formal first name if a person is known more commonly as something else e.g. Bob instead of Robert! So a label might say "Robert (Bob) Jones".

Whatever you choose we can always double check the layout to make sure the label looks its best before being printed.

If you leave us a special request in the comment box like "please print bold and big" it is no problem for us to adjust the print for your labels and make them bigger and bolder than usual. We get asked this quite a bit for rest home labels and for those with diminished eye sight.

Remember the whole point is to identify clothing usually in order for it to be returned quickly and safely to its rightful owner, so usually the more information included the better.