Labeling His & Her items for a Rest Home

Labeling His & Her items for a Rest Home

12th Nov 2013

Early retirement has become more popular lately and people are making the pro-active decision to move to more suitable premises at an earlier stage rather than leaving it to the last minute. This way, you get the benefits of secure and independent living and can stay in control and organise your own belongings appropriately rather than have relatives do it for you and get it wrong.

Many of the retirement or rest homes provide full laundry services, similar to serviced apartments, so it is important to have items labeled accordingly and in a manner that can withstand the frequent commercial grade washing and drying machines.

Without discriminating (!) it is usually the lady who has more clothing than the gentleman and her wardrobe usually contains more delicate items. For this reason, it might be more suitable for her to get mostly iron on for the majority of her clothing but then also some sew on labels for the more delicate/nylon items which can't take the heat of a hot iron. The gentleman tends to have more robust and similar type clothing, mostly cotton/polyester materials where our Iron on labels will work perfectly.

Name It labels can provide mixed packs which is perfect for this scenario. You get the bulk of the labels as iron on which makes for a quick and easy job and then a small quantity of sew on.